Thursday, 11 February 2010

The new doll on the block.............

I have finally found some time to show you one of my Christmas presents, I have been itching to do it for the past week so here she is............ Violet,my newest Blythe. Isn't she just the cutest!!

She has the most fantastic shock of violet hair and the brightest eye colours you have ever seen. Blue, green, orange & pink. Her skin is like porcelain and her lips are the palest of pink. I sound like a 6 year old explaining something I have received rather than a 40 something year old but I do just love her too bits!!

For those who want to know something about her she is a Prima dolly Violetina - part of a 3 dolls release in 2008(I think). All girls are dressed in a little ballet outfit consisting of a leotard, skirt and ballet slippers. As far as Blythes go this outfit isn't anything special but that doesn't matter to me as I have plans.............grand plans to make more outfits this year for her and Martine. The dress Violet is wearing today is something I bought last year from Sugar Mag. They have some super cute stuff if you can't be bothered making such small things for your gals but if you want to try something I have found a few good patterns over at Puchi Collective.

With no kids in sight for the next day and a half( someone offered a sleepover..I said yes) I am going to find myself a little project to do. Violet isn't so keen on having to borrow stuff all the time.

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