Friday, 28 May 2010

Friday again!...................

I have found it very hard to get to this little space this week. School holidays are upon us again, 2 weeks this time and we have been busy with friends, having dinners, watching the Va'a sprint championships that are happening at our local beach, waiting hours at the post office( this is a story for a whole post on it's own) and then trying very hard to fit in some general relaxation time. The later hasn't worked very well but we shall get that next week as we plan on heading way up north to go camping.

The very cute teeni tiny Blythe figurines you see are ebay purchases that I received this week. These teeni tiny gals caused the extended time sitting at the post office. I must remind myself next time I am looking at something cute on the internet 

'that yes 99cents is cheap but the amount of money and effort that is put in to the getting this cute thing doesn't always add up to time well spent'

Do other people do such silly purchases? Anyway they are very cute and they are going to be added to my new collection of Blythe related paraphernalia.

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Posie Patchwork said...

Oh could you style them any more adorably?? Just the sweetest things ever, love Posie