Monday, 30 June 2008


I know, I know oh the slackness, the slackness!
About a week and a bit ago I got really excited about posting weeks of colours. I started but didn't get much further than one post on white. Well this week I am going to start again with a bit more gusto. This week sees yellow and what a task that was. I don't wear much yellow, we really don't have anything around the house that is yellow even my outside surroundings don't contain much yellow( bring on green for that one) but I have found a couple of things to start of this week.

This label has forever been yellow(I think) and there is always a jar of it in our cupboard.

A beautiful yellow creation made by Django for fete de maman this year.

The delightful frangipani's that grow here in abundance.

Have a look over here and here for some lovely yellowness.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

On my desk.........

Not much happenin' on my desk this week. No crafting, no sewing not even any thinking of crafting. I had a bit of an overload of stuff as soon as I got back from my holiday so I think the brain is on a bit of a go slow. I do have though a pamphlet for the local yoga centre and some crochet hooks. I have never, ever in my life tried yoga and I did for the first time this morning. I quite liked it considering I only understood about half of what the teacher was going on about. That includes both the language and the exercises. I did find out half way through the class he could speak English but the purpose of this exercise is to be exposed to more of the language and to get a bit more healthy. Let's see how I feel in the morning about it. Sore limbs and all.

The crochet hooks are some large sizes one I picked up at Spotlight. I have seen a few patterns that call for size 10 and up. Now there is no excuses for not doing them. I am going to search my limited wool supply and see what I can do with them.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

White week..........

Yesterday I was doing a catch up on some of the blogs that I read. I had missed so much while I was away, so much had happened out there and while I was on cats & quilts I got interested in this. Weeks of colour. Sounds nice and I like the idea of theme to do on your blog. It gives you something to think about in the quiet times.

On Sabine's blog she has started with white and that is where I will start. Reasons a bit further down the post. I'm not sure if we all follow her or we choose a colour to work with. I will find this out but she has suggested if anybody is going to run with the idea to let her know. I wouldn't mind knowing too and then I can make a new side bar blog roll.

My white photo's come from a friends house where I just happened to have afternoon tea yesterday. How weird it is the way things work. Read a blog, start thinking about an idea, go visiting and voila the opportunity to photo white is there. I should explain why. My friend Mrs A has decorated her house solely in white with splashes of colour through out. It looks fab and
eternally summery and fresh. I always come out of her house feeling good. Maybe it's the colour maybe it is just her company!

She even had a lovely coffee table book all about white rooms.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

On my desk.........

On my desk,well actually the kitchen table as the kids wanted to be involved, is one of my new purchases from Melbourne. The ever popular Print Gocco. The kids wanted so badly to see how it worked and they had some kind of day off school today so after hounding me for a considerable amount of time I relented. I put aside my nervousness and did it. It is one of those things, it looks way more menacing than it really is. I think it was the idea of imaging the first screen and not stuffing it up that was worrying me but in saying that I had read the instructions several times and was quite confidante in what I had to do.

After deciding what we were going to do which was to be their party invitation. We got started. We had a photocopy of our drawing in hand, blue screen, printmaster frame all set to go. Then we made the screen, printed the first one with apprehension and after that it wasn't so bad. Quantity of paint we thought would be an issue but I just put a bit on and thought I could replenish if need be but it was all good. I liked it and can't wait to do some more. The kids are going to finish their invites by colouring them and making them their own little piece of art.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I'm back.......

I'm back! Finally. Well I have been back in Noumea for nearly a week now but have not had a chance to greet you all. I have been a bit tied up with getting life back to some kind of normality. After nearly three weeks of late nights and full days the kids and I all had a bit different routine to what we normally used to here. We had a fabulous time though back in Melbourne. Lots of catching up with family and friends, lots of eating of favourite foods we can't always find here, a bit of shopping in major fabric stores(which I have missed terribly) and lots of purchases. Oh I had lots of fun looking in aisle after aisle of stuff. Buttons, ribbons, nic-nacs,materials. You name it they have it.

I am going to ease back into this blogging thing slowly as I have found that after being away for so long I have lost some motivation to do it and I have lots to show and tell and don't know where to start. So I begin with showing some of the stash of stuff that journeyed back with us.