Sunday, 25 November 2007


Well Sunday night is upon us once again. The weekend passed with us not doing much as was my intention. The lots we did do was sleep and a few jobs around the house that were on the 'to do' list. We haven't been out anywhere today and I sometimes like that. The kids are out having their last play as the sun goes down and the Sunday night routine gets put into action. Dinner- hair wash -and try for an early night before a busy week and it's to be a busy one for all of us. I have an intensive French course running all week and the kids are dancing in a production for three nights. They are particularly excited. I must admit I'm a bit proud and excited to see them up there on the stage doin' their thing. I will report back after we see the show on Tuesday. I also need to get some inspired this week to make some Christmas cards to send home. I vowed I was going to do it and do you think I can get started. No!!! Maybe another good night sleep tonight will bring some inspiration.

We can only hope so!!

Friday, 23 November 2007

Life as we know it.................

Life as we know it here will be back to normal this weekend. Our visitors have gone home and the house feels a little empty for it. The kids don't quite know what to do with themselves as there are two less people in the house to give cuddles. We are thinking we will spend the weekend just enjoying the good weather and getting back to a bit of a normal routine( not that they really exist in our house). We feel there is only a short window of calm before the upcoming Christmas celebrations start and in our house it is quite a long buildup to that special day. Two six year olds still don't have a great concept of time when it comes to these things.I'm looking forward to it as I love seeing these celebrations through the eyes of my kids. I am also going to read,read,read. I haven't had a great deal of time to read my books or the blogs I love or do any much needed homework for my French lessons. Visitors are a nice diversion to these things but when they go I realise how much I miss them.
Oh well such is life. Hope everybody has a good weekend I know I will.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Lazy weekend........................

On the weekend we visited the kids favourite restaurant for lunch.'Dukes'. It isn't very French but it does the best hamburgers and kids meals for that matter( see above). Juliette has the mega burger complete with pink cadillac and Django has his mega chicken nuggets which arrives over the seven seas in a boat.We didn't actually do much else over the weekend. The Trade winds are blowing here so going to the beach isn't much fun and we still have our visitors and I couldn't be bothered doing a great deal. We did have a few games of Yahtzee which I have discovered is a good numbers learning game for the kids. I played it so often as a little tacker with my family. It doesn't take much to set up or pack up and I like those kinds of games.
I hope to resume regular posting towards the end of the week. Grandmas will have gone and I will have a bit more time. I have actually missed not posting as much and getting time to read everybody else's ramblings.I have alot of catching up to do! I can't wait.

Thursday, 15 November 2007


Softies ready for take-off!!!

Cute French stuff...................

Some cute french finds to show. The kids get these little cd/booklets. The cd has a number of quirky french songs and the booklet has the words so we can sing along and very cute pictures. We purchase them hoping it is aiding their learning( and ours) of the French language but I think it helping their dancing round the lounge room skills more.

Yesterday at the supermarket I came across the aisle that has all the Christmas tins/chocolates and I found a Martine tin full of lovely biscuits. There was a few different pictures to choose from. After much deliberation I picked this one as my daughter loves horses and I thought one day she might use it to store stuff in as I do with many a tin.

And I have been busy finishing hand made stuff for people to take back to Australia for Christmas. Meet Fifi Bluebelle and Daisy May and below the Peg doll circus.

I will hopefully have a photo of my softies for Mirabel up this afternoon. They are nearly all completed except for the little final touches. I need to get them completed as they are hopping on an aeroplane with somebody on Saturday.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Mail from home.............

A little bit of post from home. I do love getting zines. I get one from this lady and I'm sure everybody already knows about the above one from these gals. Can anybody suggest any others worth looking at?
It's Friday again so I hope everybody has a good weekend.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Old ideas...............

'A late afternoon swim yesterday on a very hot day'
I have been a bit lack lustre about posting lately and haven't quite known what to write about. I also haven't had much time with my mum and mum-in-law visiting us. I tend to sneak off to the computer when I have a spare minute but what I have thought about doing is going back to showing a bit more of where we live( a little inspiration came from this picture). We have just past our first year anniversary here in Noumea and we are all liking it very much. So hopefully a bit more of what we see and do but I need to remember to put the camera in my bag when we go out otherwise I will still have nothing for show and tell.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Happy times.....................

There was a very happy girl here today.......her favourites were baked. Colourful meringues.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Happy Halloween...I think not!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been getting ready for Halloween . This was to be our first real Halloween experience. Kids were getting excited I was getting excited we had a early picnic to got too and then there was to be trick or treating but alas I was not meant to experience it. I ended up being sick earlier this week and that put all excitement related activities to bed(and me to for that matter). At the point at which I got sick I still hadn't completed the kids trick or treat bags so Wednesday morning I dragged myself out of bed to finish them off. They could have been better but they did the job. They held the stash and that was the most important thing. Being sick at this particular time leads me onto another point for discussion and that is I always seem to get sick when I have alots of things to do. As well as Halloween to get ready for I also had to get my place ship shape for my mum and mother-in-law to come for a visit. I don't have a overly big place here but it still gets very messy and dusty and things need to be done. I'm sure they wouldn't have given two hoots whether the place was not clean when they arrived but I like to have a tidy place for guests.Am I crazy or do others think like me?
Anyway they are here now, I am better and the place was clean but it has gone back to being it's normal self. Untidy!!!!!
A good weekend to all.