Saturday, 30 May 2009


Sorry to do this to everybody but I need to delay my draw by 1 day. I forgot that it is a long weekend here and we are heading out of Noumea to enjoy the wonderful weather we are having. I will do the draw first thing when we get back on Monday.

A big thank-you to everybody who has look in on my little blog and left a comment. I never expected quite so many comments or that Leon le chouette would be quite so popular. I have looked in on everybody who has a blog and entered a few giveaways myself. I hope I am as lucky to win something as one of you will be.

Until Monday:: bon weekend and Au revoir.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Friday morning...............

This is what we did this morning. Coffee, croissants and playing in the sunshine. Where we go for coffee has a great piece of green space, we mothers can sit and gas-bag while the kids can run till their hearts content.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

My creative space........

It is a little quiet on the creative front this week but very busy on the keeping kids entertained front. It is school holidays here again. Every 6 weeks they come around. I want to know who created this system!! Anyway I am heading well off the point here. I was just popping in to let you know I have been working within the realm of the internet(it really does frighten me at times) and opened a wee online shop and wee it certainly is but we need to start somewhere. If you have a moment you can pop into La petite chouette and have a look around. Seen as it is all very new and I only have a little space I have put only a few things in there. I really do have a lot of other stuff hiding here so I will update it on a regular basis. Give everything it's 15 minutes of fame so to speak.

P.s if you would like to win something from said shop look at the last post.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The great giveaway.............

Come one come all to the May giveaway day. You never know this could be your luckiest visit ever to my pretty little blog. Today for all the lovely viewers I am giving away a lovely Leon le chouette or one of my special handmade rosette brooch's.

Now to win one of these lovely pieces you need only do one thing- maybe two but I will explain that later. You all need to take a visit to my new little online shop that I have just opened- La petite chouette. Then come back leave a comment about anything you like but within that comment you need to let me know what gift you would like. Owl or brooch, brooch or owl. Oh and what colour brooch, if the colours there don't suit just let me know what does(that is the second thing you need to do).

Now this fabulous giveaway will be open until midnight the 31st May, so start typing now, and I am happy to ship anywhere. Head on over to Sew,mama,sew to see who else is in on the day of all giveaways.

Monday, 25 May 2009


La petite chouette.

This is my alias or should I say what I tag my wares with. I thought it was time to introduce it to the world. I have been using it for a little while here in Noumea and now I have successfully navigated myself around the Internet and set up a 'La petite chouette' online shop. I wanted people to know a little bit about it before they clicked off on the link- that is coming.

A petite explanation of where the name has come from.
I have used these particular French words because they are a couple of my most favourite. I love the way they roll off the tongue. The English translation of 'La petite chouette' is 'the little owl' but chouette also has another meaning which is 'happy, marvellous, great'. I dig the double meaning of the word it makes me feel very chouette.

Now 'what about the shop' I hear you ask. I am going to introduce/open it up as part of the May giveaway day. I thought it will be a very good way of promoting it & getting people to click over there. So you only need to wait another couple of days. Giveaway day is the 27th May and you need to go to sew,mama,sew on that day to see where all the other giveaways are.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Becka and the rainy weekend.............

It's coming around to the end of a 4 day weekend here and it rained non-stop for 3 1/2 of them. Oh no you say well it wasn't all bad. There was a whole lot of time spent watching tv, everybody squished on the couch together, some time eating nice rainy day food. That would include cakes and homemade sausage roll being baked. There was even a bit of game playing going on and while that was in progress I got to finish Becka. I made her the same time I made this guy it just took a bit longer for her to get clothed. It happens alot around here that the girls stay naked till I can decide what to put on them. By the look on her faced she doesn't seem to be to concerned about being naked for longer than necessary or by the rainy grey weather. I think she's just a happy go lucky girl.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I'm not being particularly inventive this week so it is back with 'what i'm wearing wednesday' today. I lovely crafted brooch-mine of course. I'm trying to get all things aligned and open up one of those really complicated online shops so you can all have one if you like. But everytime I sit down to try and get it organised somebody yells at me or I have to get another load of washing on the line. Maybe today will be the day.
Don't worry I will inform you all when it is up and stocked with some homemade goodness.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A big giveaway...............

I thought I might join in on the May giveaway day. It's fab opportunity for other people to find me and for me to find a whole lot of other people. You need to check back here on the above date to see what fabulous piece of grafted goodness I will have to giveaway. I am going to be checking in at Sew,Mama,Sew! on the 27th to be seeing whose giveaways I can enter. Good luck to everybody!

Monday, 18 May 2009

A tin and a book................

My husband has just come back from a trip away. He needed to pass through our home town of Melbourne and while he was there he picked up a few things my mum had for me. She knows I like a tin so she sent me one of those and I had asked her a while back if she had any good learn to crochet books in her stash. I knew there wasn't going to be a no answer there. I know the basics of crocheting but I wanted to learn a few more complicated stitches and this book has it all. Lacy, chevron and a multitude of granny squares.
I was thinking what I could put in my tin and I think I may just fill it up with granny squares that I learn to make from my new book. Also if I have it sitting next to me on my little table in the lounge that I keep all my craft bits on I will think of my mum everytime I look at it.

P.s these things have been on a bit of a journey. They came from Melbourne then went to Sulawesi and now they are in Noumea. I wonder where they will go next!

P.S.S Look at this for teeny tiny crochet.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

A sweet bear..............

We all went off to a party today and the birthday girl had requested a little amigurumi bear dou-dou and this is what she got. Complete with earrings.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

My creative space........

He's done!! In my creative space this week I got to finish my boy doll for the casa bernabe orphanage/craft hope project. I am happy with the way he turned out in the end as I found it a bit tricky making a boy look like a boy when I usually make such girly girl kinds of things. His outfit kinda looks like he has pj's but I don't think the recipient will mind. I just hope he makes somebody happy when they receive it.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I don't even know if 'what I'm wearing Wednesday' is still going on around blogland (started by
dearfii) but I thought I would join in on this wonderfully sunny Wednesday. What I have to wear is a new pair of shoes and they came to be in my possesion because I went shopping with a friend yesterday and the purpose of the trip was to find her some new clothes but low and behold I ended up making all the purchases. As well as the shoes there was a beautiful blue dress and little black vest. I have a thing for campers-far to overpriced here in Noumea- but what the heck I I do love them so much and know that I will wear them to death.

What is everybody else wearing today?

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Super Sunday arvo............

Oh the joy I have the next couple of hours kid free. They have been taken off to the movies by a friend. No point me going with them my French is still lacking when it comes to watching a movie even a kids one but I'm not upset I am going to use this time to finish my craft hope boy doll so I can send him off this week( I want to make sure it gets there in time and post out of here can be slightly slow). I am also going to continue my research into if & where I should set up my shop to sell my wares. I have been checking in on two. Etsy & Big cartel. Ms badskirts has given me a whole lot of info on big cartel and I see many others doing the Etsy thing. I am going to ask any of you girls with stores, of any kind, if you can offer any other info or tips to me that might help me make my decision. I would be most appreciative of your thoughts and time taken to write them.

OK no more time wasting here I have things to do. Happy Sunday everybody.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Highlight of my day..............

Even in the most mundane of duties you find rainbows!

P.S I'm lovin' making my photos all muted and old looking you just may have to put up with it for a while longer.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

My creative space........

Today sees me doing some finishing up on some stuff and making a small start on the doll for craft hope. That would be the tiny piece of tea dyed calico you can see up the very top. Oh there is also a bunny zipper attachment requested by one youngster in the house.

I'm now going to Kootoyoo to check up on who else is in today.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Perfet parcels................

Parcels, parcels, parcels. We all love a parcel arriving in our letter box or at the post office in my case. I was reading through all my blogs this morning when I came across Tinniegirl talking about all the things she had received over the last little while. I was sitting there thinking I hadn't got any surprises of late but was expecting two and hurray here they are freshly picked up this afternoon. First one was a wee purchase from Ms.badskirts and she threw in a lovely bunch of extra stuff. Thank you very much Amy.

The other was some books from Amazon. The Weekend Sewing was purchased on retromummy's recommendation. She has made loads of stuff out of it and loves it. I am about to sit down with a cup of tea and look through it. The 2nd book is about Marie Antoinette. I have a new found interest in her life and the times she lived in. This has been on the list of books to buy for a while.

Thirdly do you count buying a PDF from a seller on Etsy a surprise parcel. It was in my inbox this morning. I got a copy of this from JC handmade who I have just recently discovered. She is a mamam of twins also.

Ok I have plenty to do now so I am off to read, sew and learn a bit more history.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Super scootering Sunday..............

That's what we did today.

Friday, 1 May 2009

May day.......

Today sees the beginning of the public holiday month here in Noumea. May has many. Between public holidays and the school break it's not worth actually going to work. Today was Mayday. We were celebrating the rights of workers all over Europe- well at least I think that's what it is. The kids and I -husband is away right now- were invited to a bbq and it was such a fab day.
Of course there was some fine French wine drank,

lots of baguette eaten,

and last but by no means least some hammock swing in the lovely sunshine.

Next Friday sees us celebrate Victoire 1945. I will see if my friend would be happy to host another bbq seen as this one was so fun.