Friday, 27 February 2009

Love Friday...........

I'm back! There has been a bit of a lull in blogging around here not sure quite why maybe nothing to say or show, to hot, other things always seem to get in the way. Not today though things got finished this week and it is raining today and cooled everything down considerably so moods are good. I got baking this morning with all those black bananas. A favourite cake recipe and it will be eaten when everybody is home for lunch.
Juliette's cards
Later this afternoon I am going to send of the art cards to the other side of the world for the swap I signed the kids up for. They are now going to be waiting patiently for the returns. I am very happy with what they came up with. Colourful and diverse.

Django's cards
My Friday so far has started off very well so I hope you all have a good one as well. Lets hope my blogging break isn't so long next time. Pop over to TinnieGirl to see some other 'Love Friday' gals.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

My creative space........

My creative space here is all about being on my own with a completed fabric bread basket. The wee ones have finally gone back to school and I have quiet and independence and can do things like finish my fabric bread basket without somebody squawking at me. I know I may sound a bit harsh on them but they have been on holidays for over two months. It's a long time people. Anyway I'm sure I will miss them being at home at some point but certainly not today.

For more lovely creative spaces and the tutorial for the basket.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Love Fridays...........

Like the rest of the week our lovely Friday was spent at the beach. It was another horribly hot day here and we are not ungrateful that we live so close to the beach to be able to go on a whim. Myself and the kids feel like we are ticking off days until school begins again next week. Over 2 months of vacation is wearing us all a bit thin but I'm sure a week after la rentree we will want the holidays back. NO, no, no only joking! My next Friday will be filled (hopefully) with different lovely things other than entertaining children.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

My February list........

I have been so very slack. It is already the 12th of the month and I have no list for February. See I told you I was crap at lists. Can't mark anything off them, can't even really make them. Here are some excuses why I don't have one at this point-1) it has been so hot and humid I haven't been motivated to do anything and-2) the kids are still on holidays which makes doing anything hopeless. But here I go. It's time for the February list.

- Finish Django's quilt. It needs to be quilted and binded. Was also on the January list.
- Make a dolls quilt/wall hanging for a 1year olds birthday at the end of the month.
-Get the kids back to school. This one is a sure thing- bring on the 19th.

That's it I'm keeping it short and sweet. No motivation is doing it to me. If things change in the next two weeks I'll put more thing up there but this is as far as it goes.

My creative space........

We got our notification of our art trading card swap partners this week. We- being me- was so very excited about it that we went out in between the stifling heat and the down pours of rain to get our supplies. We needed a heavy weight paper, we got watercolour paper and also got some water colour pastels to give the kids a different medium to work with. I'm no expert at this so it was a bit of a trial and error exercise, the kids don't care about new things they just get in and give it a go. It was a hit I think for my kids anything involving water keeps them interested.

The first card complete. We still have a week of holidays to go so plenty of time for our 28th Feb deadline.

I have been watching from afar the devastation that has been hitting my home state. I am saddened by it and lucky that no friends or family have been affected. What most amazes me is how people can get up and moving and help all those that need it in a short period of time. I am very proud of all those crafting gals for what they are doing and what an amazing thing the internet is for letting us all now what is going on. I'm afraid I can't be involved in a crafty way but I will be giving in other ways that will hopefully help.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Orange clouds.............

I am checking in to let you all know that I have missed the last two Love Fridays post's. Not that I haven't thought about them on those particular days. What has been happening is that each Friday has come around and I haven't really got anything exciting to tell so I think that I will put up something later but later comes around at about 11pm. The day has come and gone we have done some things in the end but I just cannot be bothered to do a post. Anyway I am posting now with not much to tell you other than I really liked the colour of our sky this evening and thought you all should see it. When it has been raining heavily during the day here and the clouds break at sunset the sky goes a really weird shade of orange. It is a little bit freaky.
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Thursday, 5 February 2009

My creative space........

Today's creativity has come out of the scrap box. Every now and then I look at it and a thought passes through 'I must do something with all of that'. Well finally it has! Yesterday I ironed all the pieces and today I have been randomly piecing them together and now I am going to make some bibs from them. They will be all very cute and colourful.

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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

kids artist trading card swap................

I have signed the kids up for this kids artist trading card swap. They were quite excited to do it when I suggested it. They love the idea that they will receive things in the mail box from all over the globe. Now we just have to do a bit of research on what an artist trading card is and find out where we are to send ours. If you are interested in it for your kids you can find the relevant info over at wise craft or house on hill road( this is a new blog for me).

Monday, 2 February 2009

Accomplished or not........

It's February 2nd. Time to go through the January list and see how much I accomplished from it. As I have said before lists are not my thing and I usually do not get to many things marked off them. They are not that important to me but maybe they should be. Anyway here goes with the rundown.
- Django's quilt- Top/bottom and wadding all basted together only needs quilting and binding.

-Walking- yes have been walking and riding the exercise bike a whole lot more. Feeling better for it.

- Sunny got her dress

- Zero on the gocco front
- some new summer dresses- got one finished

There you have it not too bad. You must remember it is still school holidays here and I have a had a sick husband and it's been hot and ...................blah, blah, blah and I'm very good at making excuses.
Bring on February.