Wednesday, 30 April 2008

On my kids desk......

An extra post for this 'on my desk Wednesday'........Les enfants love a space that can be the desk for their made up office. No wonder I can't get anything done around here. Somebody is always taking over my space!

On my desk......part 4

This week on the families computer desk is a few amigurumi animals that I have made. They seem to disappear, taken by the kids, then return some time later. I presume taken off on adventures in storyland. The elephant was my first attempt at doing this kind of craft. He has a few flaws but he looks kinda cute for it. The crocheted ones are hanging out with cute little bird that you can find over here. He has his own life's adventures all recorded by a couple of little people.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Thursday, 24 April 2008

A week of French-ness.Day 3.........

1 Martine le nuit de Noel- of course. How beautiful she is.
2 Dessine-moi des ailes. Draw me some wings. A fabulously illustrated book I found here.
3 Eiffel tower jewellery.
4 Bonne mamam confiture. Our favourite.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

A week of Frenchness- Day 2

J'aime comment tout les signes de rue sont bleus avec les frontières blanches.
I love how all the street signs are blue with white borders. Typically French!

Monday, 21 April 2008

A week of French-ness.Day 1..........

Fabulous idea this week of French-ness. I thought I might join in considering we now live in a French territory. Noumea is by no means Paris but it does feel like it in some ways, you just have to remember that Paris isn't full of palm trees!

1-to kick off this week I made fab French salade nicoise for dinner.
2-my pile of books to help me conquer this language.

See what I can find for tomorrow.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Underwater tutu........

Not much to blog about this weekend or this week for that matter so I hope everybody had a nice one whatever you did. As I have nothing to show you all I'm leaving you with this photo of an amazing thing we find here in the water. It is like a continuous pencil shaving that fits perfectly inside itself but it is made out of a sand like substance. If you turn it upside down it looks like a tutu for a sea creature. I am not sure what it is called but I will do a bit of homework and find out what they are and how they are created. Unless anybody out there in blogland already knows and they can just tell me!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Jedi rabbits & fairies......

Over the past months we have had to say goodbye to a few people. Some have left us because of work others by unfortunate events and yesterday we had to do it again to two wonderful families. They have touched us and helped us in many different ways since coming to Noumea. I'm not going to ramble on too much because I will probably start to tear up(again) and I think they know already how much they meant to us.

Now it is onto cultivating some new friends. It's the hardest part, I have found, about living and working in a country that you know not everybody is staying forever(including us)but I think this topic deserves a post all of it's own with some friendly helping tips from others about forming such friendships.

Onto the going away gifts, the kids that have been leaving us have all been scoring something handmade by moi. No changes this time round we had a family with two boys and they scored the above 'jedi rabbits' as they are mad keen jedi's themselves and the other family of girls got the below fairy and a mermaid(which I forgot to take a picture of). I do like the idea of giving something they may not always have in plain view to see all the time but they may stumble on it sometime down the track and remember me or the kids that they spent many a sunny day playing with.
Hopefully these will be the last going away dolls I will have to make for a while!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

On my desk.......part3

Finally I have a desk for my sewing machine. It came from someone who was leaving and it fits comfortably in the spare room. Let's see how long it lasts as MY sewing desk though.We are up to the 4th day with mostly my stuff. I do notice a comic that isn't mine underneath those rabbits. On another note it is amazing what you get done when you have a machine set up and you can sit down at it whenever you have a moment. I already have some works in progress!