Sunday, 25 December 2011

We have opened all our presents, eaten a lovely Christmas lunch so now it is off to have a big afternoon nap!! I hope everyone is having a lovely day and enjoying themselves as much as I am. Merry Christmas to all:)

Saturday, 24 December 2011

The gingerbread house.........

 Well we did it!! We had a few free moments this week and went through the whole process of making our very first gingerbread house. Don't look to closely as you will see the big gaping holes where it doesn't quite fit together properly but isn't that why we make so much royal icing to be able to fill any holes that need it. I must admit as tricky as it was we had a fun time making it. Juliette did all the piping, I did the construction and Django did the decorating and eating of leftover treats!
We even found ourselves a little snowman for our front yard. We are going to start eating it tonight but I think it will be sad seeing all that work and beauty come crumbling down. Oh well what the good of making something so tasty if you can't eat it!!

Monday, 19 December 2011


We are one week into our 2 month long holidays(gasp)!! Last week was way too busy for my liking running around here there and everywhere for the kids, for Xmas get togethers and the like. This week has started off much more slowly(phew!!) and a picnic was had at the beach. It was a bit too windy for swimming but there was still a lot of rolling/running around to be done. We are very lucky to live not 5 minutes walk to the beach and my husband literally works across the road. I hope we get a few more of these in in the next couple of weeks before we head back to Melbourne for a month. I doubt I will be seeing the water too much while there!!

P.S I haven't forgotten about my giveaway just haven't had time to organise it but I promise I will:)

Friday, 9 December 2011

Fab Friday............

Gingerbread houses are oh so cute and they are popping up everywhere I look at the moment, obviously so as it is nearly Christmas!! I have never ever attempted to make one but seeing all these sweet creations is getting me almost excited enough to try. Just look at the pictures above and all those decorations and varieties of houses you can do. I may have to start off with something a little simpler then those found on flickr but it certainly has given me some ideas. 

A request for help is needed for this to take place though. Some of you may have some tried & true recipes & instructions or tips & tricks that work. Please let me know otherwise I will seek the help of the almighty internet!! Wish me luck:)

P.S This is post 600 but not the giveaway one I will come back in the next few days with the info and instructions.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Happy babushka christmas decorations.
Does anybody know what you call a group of babushka's???? A family??

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Blythe's just desserts!...........

This weeks Blythe physical challenge photo.  We had fun taking this shot as we had to eat it after the photo taking was all done:)

Friday, 2 December 2011

Beads & stuff..........

It's been a quiet week around here as I just havn't had the time to come and post. We are leading up the the end of the school/dance year and the concerts are happening. Driving around to rehearsals this week has keep me busy on the roads and not in the crafting space even though I did spent a few stolen moments making some more Xmas decorations. I had my bead box out which always makes for a lovely photo with all that colour and glitter. One dance concert is on tonight so I should be off getting everybody feed, made up and organised rather than sitting on the computer so that is what I will do.

Oh and another thing I am near to my 600th post so I will get my thinking cap on for a giveaway prize to celebrate:) Stay tuned!!