Petite Blythe crochet square hat

Petite Blythe square hat pattern

Hook size 3mm- material used a nice cotton.
Stitches- chain & double crochet (single crochet in American terms)

Chain 28 turn*
1st row- Chain 1 insert hook into first chain double crochet next 28 stitches, turn
2nd- 13th row inclusive- Chain 1 double crochet next 28 stitches turn
Afer 13 rows you end up with a nice rectangle shape.
 Embellish as you like then sew along the top and down one side to form a nice square.

*I crochet fairly tightly so 28 stitches is perfect for the petite blythes head size, if you crochet loose reduce the number of stitches by a couple, if you think you crochet tighter than me then increase the number of stitches by a couple.

If you have any problems with this pattern let me know
Cheers Angelique