Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A happy quote!..........

Love will keep you happy!

I haven't looked at my Blythe happiness cards for such a long time. In my travels today I come across the deck again and thought I would pull one out just to see what she had in store for me. Love will keep you happy! Well we can only hope that be the case!!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Quiet Monday.............

 My mum has left our sweet shores after staying with us for a month and a bit. There is a bit of a hole and an empty space on the couch where she favoured to sit. My mum usually comes over when we know my husband isn't going to be around much. It is company for me, the kids & another person to help out doing some chores. She helps with  the cooking and cleaning up so I don't have to do it all on my own. She bakes special sponges for the kids and often makes them many things to remember her by. This time around the kids got some crochet lessons.

And I got a spotty teapot and matching cups. Mum is into making teacosies so I got a very special one. All my friends got themselves one too. Everytime they would come around she would have made new one. I know where I got my creativity from as mum is always thinking of something to make and always doing this as she watches the tv or talks to the kids. I can see some of the same tendancies in me when it comes to getting an idea in your head and just wanting to make it staight away.
We will miss the extra body in our house for a few days atleast then the husband comes back. That will make us a foursome again until next Saturday when our next lot of visitors arrives. Hopefully I will get some blogging in here this week in between thinking about getting the house organised and cleaned.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

a crafty few days..........

I must admit I haven't been too crafty of late as I have been watching the full series of The Tudors with my mother( she bought it over especially for me) but in the last few days I have whipped up some dolls. Two are going to go on a journey to the Soloman islands.........I wonder which 2 will be picked!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Apres l'ecole.............

Oh this brings back memories!! Skateing out the front after school on a sunny afternoon. Juliette is growing so much of late that she now fits into my roller skates that I wore nearly everyday from about the age of 13 till 16. I know it is in-line skates that are 'a la mode' at the moment but she loves wearing the skates and I think the other kids think she is pretty cool. I know I think she is pretty cool & wish it was me out there scooting around. I did try them recently just after I bought them back from my mothers place. I still could do it but found it a little embarressing going at a snails pace while everybody else was flying by. Maybe I will try again at a later date when I am feeling a little nostalgic about my lost youth!!

Did everybody else love their skates as much as I did???

Sunday, 5 June 2011


 Django's collage

Sunday brunch..........his eyes were bigger than his belly but boy did he love them!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The craftiness of Grandma's........

Well my mum has been here for just on a week and the kids have already got her making little outfits for their Petite Blythes. She swears every time she leaves that she will not make them again but she just can't help herself when the kids give her loving cuddles and puppy dog looks. This one was inspired from the morning glory found in the garden by Django.
This is from Burlesque.......... I have no idea what everybody were saying about it this movie but it was ok. I really did love all the costumes.
And this one is from the big hibiscus we found on her arrival. The kids do really make the most of her crafty talents when she is here. I have memories of my nana making dolls clothing and other things for me so I love that they will remember the same.

Did you have a special Grandma or Nana??

P.S all photos taken by my son Django......he is becoming quite the photographer.