Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I'm back!!!!!............

Oh I am back, I am has been so long since I visited my little space in blogland. My days are back to just me again. My mum has gone home, the kids are in their normal routine, husband is back from his travels and back at work it is just me and my little auiet house. Oh it is nice but it is strange. My mum was here for 5 weeks and I quite got used to her being in her chair drinking her tea/coffee and creating something. She is a prolific crafter and made us all many things while she was here. The kids usually have a list for her before she even arrives, this year it was petite Blythe clothing. She worked away making all these teeny tiny garments by hand........crazy i know but they are much loved.

In the weeks I was away we had birthday's, sickness, outings and parties. I am trying to think back so I can write something about them all but it seems to be one big blur and I don't really what to bore you with all the itsy-bitsy details. I will just say one of the birthdays was mine and I got some lovely, lovely being the fab Dolly did it earrings above and something that is still on route.

I have promised myself that I will get back into blogging a bit more regularly. I have a few bits and pieces that are on the go and a few things to show so hopefully I will get off my but and show you!!!!

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Marie said...

Hello, my name is Marie and I met Narelle at the Consulate. She gave me your blog address, so I visited a little. You are very talented! Narelle told me as well you did some textile swap on internet... Do you still have some fabric you would like to swap? Have a nice day! Marie