Monday, 6 December 2010

Mosaic Monday........

1. Vintage schoolbag, 2. Randoseru, 3. Free cat bag crochet pattern, 4. Spooky , What's sticking out of your schoolbag?, 5. Deco Bag!, 6. 57/365

This is the last Monday I have to take the kids to school for this year. They finish up at the end of the week for their vacances. Their vacances that lasts 2 months.........yes that is right you read properly 2 months!! They don't return until the end of February. Anyway geting back to my mosaic this week it is all about the school bag. Something next Monday I won't have to get ready. Next week we will be entertaining my mum and my niece who are coming for a visit before Christmas. Drinking tea and not having to rush out the door will be much better..............for a couple of weeks anyway!!!!

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