Thursday, 5 May 2011

Douces Inspirations......

You know how I have hinted that I am involved in a doudou( french for softies) exposition well here is the flyer for it. It starts on Saturday and finally I have finished all my wares. I didn't really have to make too many as there is 3 other local ladies involved but once I get started the ideas keep flowing. The idea behind us doing this sale is to get some exposure but it is also a fundraiser for one of the womens shelters here in Noumea. For every 4 doudous we sell we donate one. It may not be big but it is a offering......if we are lucky and sell everything we have made they may get 15-20 doudous. Myself and my friend Kris are going in to set up tomorrow so I will take some set-up shots. 

Now I don't know how many readers I have from Noumea but if your are around go and check it out. Details are as follows- 

Douces Inspirations
7-20 May
Infinithe, Rue Sebastapol, Noumea

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Jo - Dusty Plum said...

Angelique those softie clouds are GORGEOUS! If you enjoy making them make more and put them in your etsy store!! Well done!