Friday, 9 March 2012


The talk of Easter has been in the house so the crochet hook has been out in prepartion for it. I have been making many little bunnies to sell, to gift away and to give to my kids. They are fun and super easy to make. Many free patterns can be found on the internet if you are interested in making some.........a little searching goes a long way!!

I am thanking god it is Friday in our neck of the woods, we have had a very up & down week. Hubby is in Spain, we have all been a little grumpy and tired but the weekend is near so I hope we can do some exciting, relaxing things to cheer us all up.

Hoping you all have some good things planned for the weekend also:)

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Blythe Ghost said...

They are very cute Angelique...and easy to do too!

Planning a very quiet one, no visitors and with hubby away, I will have three days of bliss! (love it when I don't have to cook)