Monday, 20 August 2012

Au revoir!!

It's been a longtime coming but I think it is time this now lonely blog hung up it's boots! I haven't been around to give it much love of late as I haven't felt inspired to do is sad but I think this just happens with these things. I have been writing here for since July of 2007, 5 years........... a b****y long time I say!

Why hang up the boots you ask well I think I have run out of things to tell you about my everyday life here and that's why I started this blog. After nearly six years in Noumea our life is fairly routine  school, work , stuff.  My interests have changed over the lifetime of this blog and I feel it isn't going to suit the new stuff I have going on. I hear you all cry out that you want to know about the new stuff and you can I am not giving up blogging altogether just moving to another place in the internet universe(all details at end of post) to share all this new great stuff. I hope the new venture will be a bit more arty crafty & dolly orientated. I do have another blog about our travels here that has been even more neglected than No life but hopefully this can pick up the fun outdoory stuff we do in the future.

Ok I am not one for long goodbyes as I usually start crying..........I have enjoyed what I have done with No life without wife but my dear you are on your way to blogging heaven(is there one??) it has been fun but it is time. I bid you au revoir!!

Has she gone?? can now find me at La Petite Chouette. See you there!!


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Carmen Gutiérrez said...

[..] I am not one for long goodbyes as I usually start crying [...]

I absolutely felt identified to you girl! Have a nice day and life and all! Greets! :)

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