Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The desire to be cool .........................

Why is it that I never have the right thing in my wardrobe to wear in really hot weather. It is still so hot here and I have just about tried every combination of every garment in that said wardrobe and nothing is right. I just think in hot weather anything but your bathers will make you uncomfortable but I am going to try and rectify this problem. Hopefully! Today I printed off a nice simple crossover top pattern from burdastyle.com which I am going to lengthen, make it up in a nice light cotton and voila a comfortable dress. The name of the pattern is Desira. The funny thing about printing off these patterns is they are on A4 paper so you have to put them all together like a jigsaw puzzle. So tonight when the kids are finally in bed I am going to put all 26 pieces of A4 together, cut the pattern out then go tomorrow and find some fabric and whip one up.
Wish me luck and get on my case if you haven't seen one finished in the next couple of days. Hold on I probably shouldn't get so enthusiastic about this project because it will still be to hot to do anything. No,no,no I need these dresses!!
P.S I first saw this top over here.

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starashan said...

I so know this feeling!! How did the dress turn out?