Sunday, 24 February 2008


Yesterday we said farewell to some dear friends and it was sad. They are heading off on a fab new adventure in Qatar. This is the first off three farewells we have to do over the next few months. It's going to be a sad time for all concerned but they tell me this is what happens here. You arrive, you make really good friends, then they up and leave to go and experience other interesting stuff. I know it will be us in a few years(maybe) but that doesn't make it any easier. These friends almost become like family because you are here without the people from home. You see them quite regularly for kids catch ups or coffee or whatever really. All this people moving thing just means that I have to go out and find new friends but they will never be the same as the ones that have just left.

On a happier note our going away gifts for 3 of the 4 in the family were homemade goodies. For the kids I got each of my kids to draw up a character and I made them up. Juliette drew the above for Gabby and below Django drew the lower one for Remy. Hopefully when they look at them later we will come to mind.

I made Brenda a scarf, which she won't need in Qatar but they are spending a bit of time back in Canada before they head off. I forgot to put the image up so I will do that next post.
Anyway all I should say now is- Farewll and good luck Brenda & co.


Bird Bath said...

Such lovely handmade goodness. I like to make such things too. You did a great job translating the children's illustrations. Did you include the drawings with the gifts?

sosser said...

so cute! love the little portraits :)