Thursday, 23 July 2009

A busy patch................

Oh my what a busy week we have had here! It started with the arrival of my mum on Saturday then husband arriving back from Taiwan on Sunday then there was the birthday of the wee ones on Tuesday, a party went with the turning of 8 and thrown into the mix a week of school holidays. The combination of all these things has caused much excitement with lots of talking and catching up and late nights and grumpy children and ....and....and it has left no time for crafting or posting here or reading anybody else's blogs for that matter. I am afraid to look at my google reader I just don't know what the number will be.

To finish off this very short that has been done while trying to prepare dinner and holding down the fort you get a lovely image of the cake that was made for the party that was.


walker said...

hey its nat walker your COUSIN!!!!! little natty!


how is noumea? lots of things have happend here. umm.... mum works at kerries in collingwood, i'm in year 8 in high school. mitch is in year 11 and raes in year 12. Rae is starting to learn to drive. ben can drive with no p-plates, nick can drive but his still on his p-plates. ben has a girlfriend named marli shes nice she's a hairdresser. we got a dog (golden retiever) its a girl and named kelly she's now 1 and 3months. wish we could come to noumea and see you guys. do u have skype? if you do send me back a message telling me your skype.

lots of love natalie and the rest of the walkers xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Sandrine said...

Enjoy all your little precious family moments Angelique!Your cake is gorgeous;)

Tinniegirl said...

That cake is so fabulous. Hope you are enjoying your busy patch.