Monday, 17 August 2009

My return.......

morning walk artwork

Forgive me readers it has been 3 weeks since I have visited my blog and I am sooo sorry. I haven't been sitting around not doing anything in that time. I have been coping with illnesses.....having a birthday.......entertaining my mum( she left us yesterday to go back to cold old Melbourne)........and coping with a husband who has spent more time away recently than here. He has been bringing home some seriously good stuff from his travels and I will show you at some stage. In my break I was trying to keep up with what everybody else's has been upto but without great success.....I turned the computer on yesterday and looked at my google reader to see there was 500 posts to read. I am slowly working my way through all that goodness out there . I have also joined in with the quilt project which I am hoping to start on this afternoon. I know time is moving on and I do have a deadline for this one. I started this Monday with a walk and found that somebody had created a piece of art with red twine and baubles. This could well be my inspiration for my redwork. You can see by this photo that it is another beautiful day in paradise and I am going now to enjoy a bit more of it.

See you soon.

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