Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bijoux Commemoratifs....................

 I have a very good friend here Kris and she is a jeweller, mum and super women. Late last year she put the feelers out and got a group of Noumean artists together for an exhibition. In a moment of madness she asked me to contribute I am no jeweller but a women with fabric and an idea can go along way. The exhibition was titled ' Bijoux Commemoratifs '- Commemorative Jewellery. I knew right from the beginning I wanted to celebrate the birth of my twins, they are the only ones I will have and they are special. I also had the idea I wanted it to look like it was a Victorian papercut piece. So out came the embroidery thread, some calico, an old book that had some papercut illustrations and off I went.
Did I acheive what I originally set out to do?  I don't know as I never work with a picture in front of me just an idea in my head but I did like the way it turned out in the end and so did lots of other people. At the gallery it is hanging on a very rusty piece of corrigated iron which adds to the whole olde worlde feel.

 I don't know how many readers I have here in Noumea but you all should take a half an hour out of your day to go and have alook at the exhibition. I think you will find it very interesting.

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Sandrine said...

Great Angelique! I wish you many more exhibitions to come ;)
PS: your blog page looks really stylish, beautiful!