Friday, 9 April 2010

Nice surprise or not...................

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This morning I got an email telling me this- 

Dear Angelique,

My name is Andrea-- I'm contacting you from I wanted to let you know that your website (No Life Without Wife) has been nominated for our list and has now been approved.

Does anybody know about this site  I have worked out that I have been nominated by somebody to be put on there but what I would like to know is are these sites ok to be on? This is the first site like this that I have been associated with/put up on whatever you want to call it. If anybody can give me a bit of advice/info about this kind of stuff it would be much appreciated. I suppose a bit of extra blog traffic my way may not be a bad thing it might make me get off my butt and do a little more to add to the already over flowing crafting community that is out there.


Amy (badskirt) said...

Someone nominated me a few weeks ago. After getting added, I noticed an influx of spam comments. I don't know if they were related.

The Essess said...

Sounds a little like spam. I got a few comments from india with their websites trying to get readers to head to their sites.. Was all abit dodgy so I deleted them... Guess just need to be wary so you dont recieve spam etc...