Monday, 3 January 2011

First Monday of 2011...............

Happy New Year one & all!! It seems the week between Christmas & New Year always passes in a flash for us. We have had a lovely week away from Noumea. We ate loads of food, swam in the sea to refresh ourselves from the heat, read books under shady tree's, drank champagne and played with all the new toys that came for Xmas. It was really a lovely break away from the house & stopped us thinking about things that we have to think about. We have a couple of big events happening in the next 6 weeks. Firstly we are going on a big overseas holiday to ye colde olde Japan, Amsterdam & France for a month and the second is we have to move house when we get back. The second thing is not so terrible but it is a pain in the butt. I dislike packing up house and moving but on the upside I don't have to find the house we move to somebody else does that. 
In the meantime I need to play with new things that have arrived in the mail while we were away, do a bit of clearing out and packing up and pack a wardrobe for the weather that none of us have really spent anytime in. If anybody has any good ideas for let please let me know I think I am going to need them!!!

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