Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tropical depressions & clothing decisions........

We are in the mist of a tropical depression bordering on cyclone here. We are hoping it doesn't turn into a cyclone as we are heading out on Monday for our big trip. Planned for many months it can't be stopped by a big wind and lots of rain. We have had a few days stuck inside & boy does a wii come in handy in time like this but while we are inside I have been trying to contemplate what clothing to take on our northern hemisphere adventure. Do you know what happens to ones wardrobe when they have spent 4 years in a warm environment??? Well it no longer has anything for really, really cold weather. I know I can buy some stuff along the way but I need to be warm whan I get off that plane...............I don't think anybody wants to see someone in a pretty summery floral dress & things in the snow freeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzing!!

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