Saturday, 12 November 2011


Once in every Blythe doll owners life she/he pulls it apart to inspect what is inside and how it works.

Then you muck around with pastels and do a little face-up.

and then you put her back together a different girl. Here is Berenice pronounced Ber-re-nice with a wonderful French accent.

I am happy with my first attempt at customising a Blythe girl not sure if I will do more there are particular skills involved and not sure if I have them!

Here are some ladies that do do some fabulous customs.
MorganOrton Blythe Customs

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Blythe Ghost said...

Oh how exciting Angelique...she turned out beautifully. You were very courageous to do it all on your own. I can hardly wait till next weekend when I do Natalie's workshop so I can have a go!