Friday, 27 July 2007

Inner beauty......

I love flowers! There are many flowers out there that I love but these are my most favourite. The great array of shape and colours that orchids come in astounds me. Here in Noumea I have found they grow without much love and attention, I think that is due to the fab weather conditions not my green thumb. I water and talk and admire most days though just to make sure they are ok. I have purchased 3 here so far. The first being earlier on in the year just to see if I could manage not to kill it as I sometimes did back in Melbourne but it survived it's flowering season and it's decided to sprout two more spikes that I hope are just about to produce some more lovely flowers. The above plants are ones that I purchased just recently so I have many happy weeks ahead of looking and admiring the flowers as they slowly open for all of us to see their inner beauty.

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