Sunday, 29 July 2007

The things I should be doing......

Ahhhh.... the things I should be doing as opposed to the things I am doing.

I need to get my butt into gear to finish some bags that I have been asked to make so they can be sent off to Canada as gifts but instead we went off for another visit this weekend to the architecturally incredible Tjiboau Cultural Centre here in Noumea. As you can see from these couple of shots it has the most amazing exterior. It is incredible to look at from all angles when you walk around the gardens that surround it. The gardens are lush and green and kind of envelope the building which is reaching up to the sky. Inside is equally as interesting. It has alot about the Kanak culture and Jean-Marie Tjiboau who the centre is named after. I am not going to go into any of that history as I am likely to get it all wrong or mixed up as I am prone to doing sometimes. I am sure there is a website that would have all info if anybody is interested.

Back to the things I should be doing. I have just started to do a few crafty things. What I have been doing revolves around finding fabric and creating something as opposed to getting an idea and running to your stash of fabric and making it. As was the procedure at home. It has taken me a while to find basic materials and bits that you need for such hobbies. I just didn't pack up enough stuff from home to bring over. I was being optimistic about finding interesting things here and there is if you like pacific island prints which I do. But I like florals and stripes and cute japanese prints. Thank god for the internet where you can buy it and they can send it and the visitors who can be the material mules!!

The above works in progress are some boy skull bags(for canada) and a bag for a grown up pirate girl. I am doing an arts swap with the grown up pirate girl. A painting for two bags. Not bad, not bad indeed. I will show the given and the received when they are swapped.

Hope everybody has a good week.

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posiepatchwork said...

Hi there & no, there isn't any life without a wife!! My husband will attest to that!! Do you have twins?? Mine are fraternal girls & 6 at Christmas. We also have a big girl & little boy. Your life looks beautiful, what an amazing place you live in. We're up in Darwin NT & have a lovely easy going tropical life. Keep the beautiful photos coming, as my brothers often holiday in Noumea with their families, however, we never get to see the photos!! Typical!! Love Posie