Saturday, 16 February 2008

More camping....

We have been off camping for a few days. A little mini-break before the kids go back to school. Yes it is finally here....over two months of holidays have passed and aren't we all ready for the return, even the kids are eager to go back and they are aware that they still don't understand very much of the language. I think boredom has set in.

Anyway while I was away I had some time to sit under a tree and continue to crochet this scarf. I have no need for this said item in our climate but I was eager to do some crochet and a friend, that I have made here, is leaving to go back to Canada and I have seized the opportunity and I also wanted to try this style of crochet called 'Tunisian crochet'. This particular stitch needed a much bigger hook and thinner wool but this was the largest hook and nicest wool I could find in our very lean haberdashery stores here. It has done the job and I quite like how it has turned out but I will tell you one thing crocheting/knitting is really a cold weather craft maybe next we will move to a climate that I can do more of it!

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