Thursday, 28 February 2008

New mag.........

My wait it over. The new Marie Claire Idees is out and once again there is some fabulous cute and quirky stuff in this edition. There is lashing of pink and flowers,there is an article devoted to chickens hence the embroidered apron and there is another totally devoted to the humble cabbage. Bouquets,embroidery, bowls you name it they have located it and photographed it. The first image in the set is of a fantastic crocheted bag that is a flowery cabbage. It is so gorgeous. I am determined that I am going to learn to read these patterns so I can make some of this stuff. I have a friend here who is teaching herself to crochet so I am going to steal her french crochet book and then translate the stitches and then voila I should be able to do it.

On another note I should learn to make the delicious cakes that always seem to show up in the magazine shots. No maybe not. I think I will just leave that up to the locals because I do so like hanging around the patisseries,checking out what to try next and also they are so good at it.

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