Friday, 14 March 2008

Recieved & given....

Yesterday we got a yellow postal card to tell us there was a parcel to be picked up. We all thought it was for D & J as they usually are but no when I picked it up it was for me. I was surprised to say the least. I knew this parcel had come from the UK so I knew it was from a friend who has recently moved there. When I looked inside it was a beautiful necklace with a belated birthday card. I love it, Alison. Thank you very much.
And following on with the birthday theme I have a friend whose birthday is today and I made her a wee flowery brooch. I hope she likes it. Her and the family are coming over for dinner tonight and I had a disastrous time this morning with her birthday cake. The first one failed miserably. That's what you get for trying to cook meringues in humid weather!So I had to rush around and do another.The second turned out perfect. Thank you Betty Crocker.
P.S It is now sunday morning and this was meant to be posted on Friday afternoon. Nothing like getting sidetracked is it!

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CurlyPops said...

That fabric brooch is gorgeous.