Monday, 25 May 2009


La petite chouette.

This is my alias or should I say what I tag my wares with. I thought it was time to introduce it to the world. I have been using it for a little while here in Noumea and now I have successfully navigated myself around the Internet and set up a 'La petite chouette' online shop. I wanted people to know a little bit about it before they clicked off on the link- that is coming.

A petite explanation of where the name has come from.
I have used these particular French words because they are a couple of my most favourite. I love the way they roll off the tongue. The English translation of 'La petite chouette' is 'the little owl' but chouette also has another meaning which is 'happy, marvellous, great'. I dig the double meaning of the word it makes me feel very chouette.

Now 'what about the shop' I hear you ask. I am going to introduce/open it up as part of the May giveaway day. I thought it will be a very good way of promoting it & getting people to click over there. So you only need to wait another couple of days. Giveaway day is the 27th May and you need to go to sew,mama,sew on that day to see where all the other giveaways are.


Tinniegirl said...

How exciting. Can't wait to check it out.

handmaiden said...

that's great news, will have to wait another day to see it