Monday, 18 May 2009

A tin and a book................

My husband has just come back from a trip away. He needed to pass through our home town of Melbourne and while he was there he picked up a few things my mum had for me. She knows I like a tin so she sent me one of those and I had asked her a while back if she had any good learn to crochet books in her stash. I knew there wasn't going to be a no answer there. I know the basics of crocheting but I wanted to learn a few more complicated stitches and this book has it all. Lacy, chevron and a multitude of granny squares.
I was thinking what I could put in my tin and I think I may just fill it up with granny squares that I learn to make from my new book. Also if I have it sitting next to me on my little table in the lounge that I keep all my craft bits on I will think of my mum everytime I look at it.

P.s these things have been on a bit of a journey. They came from Melbourne then went to Sulawesi and now they are in Noumea. I wonder where they will go next!

P.S.S Look at this for teeny tiny crochet.

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Bird Bath said...

what a lovely tin! I hope it fills to the brim with granny squares :)
That certainly was a thoughful package from far away. I think it will be the perfect thing to inspire your crochet.