Monday, 5 October 2009

Day 5- Monday Monday.................

Another Monday has passed and that puts the week into action. I have no plans this week other than to clean the house( because it is a horrible mess), have lunch with 2 girlfriends and get ready for this weeks book club meeting which is being held here at my place. Hence the cleaning. This months book was Brodeck's Report. It was a very interesting read and I highly recommend it if you see it in your travels. It really made me think about the oddities of human beings and how they work or don't work together. There is alot more to it than that but you can read the review in the above link to get the story.

I am now going over to Tinniegirl to discover a few new blogs who are participating in blogtoberfest. Wish me luck as I may not make it to bed to early tonight.

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