Friday, 9 October 2009

Day 9- Stocktober..................

Amy's suggestion for the day was soup but no that is not where I am going. I am going to do the other kind of stock, the one that you have left over after a market. It isn't a problem to have what I have as I am going to have a little table sale somewhere else later on in the month. No what I was checking through was what I have in my stock that I can put up for a giveaway. I wrote my 350th post 7 post's ago and missed the milestone so I am going to do a giveaway on no-360. So come back in 3 days and see what there is on offer. I will go through all the right channels and let Miss Curlypops know so she can post it on her blog.

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CurlyPops said...

I always find the leftover stock difficult to deal with - trying to fins somewhere safe to store everything until the next time so that nothing gets crushed or crinkled.
Looking forward to the giveaway and happy 350th!