Monday, 8 February 2010

Felties & more..............

When we went home to Melbourne for a wedding last November we spied that a cousin had this fabulous book.......we purchased it not realising at the time how fabulous it was going to be but slowly over the past couple of months it has become a constant companion. It went travelling with us with some pieces of felt, the little box of embroidery thread and some beads. In times when a bit of quiet activity was required all the bits came out and a feltie was born. I recommend this book to everybody with kids of different ages and people who are starting out crafting as the little creatures are not complicated to make, they don't take alot of time and between myself and the kids we all get to have a hand in making them. I do bit and they do a bit so they can say they made it. We have just about worked through all the animals in the book some made as little gifts, some for xmas decorations and some are going to the future 'Feltietown' which is in the process of being constructed.

This book has created a feltie making junkie out of Django. I can tell you he is so in love with this book that he has even started creating his own won't see this chicken in the book if you buy it.

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