Saturday, 27 March 2010

Weekend reading...........

This is far to early to be blogging but seen as I am up, showered, the kids are feed and happily playing. I have a cup of tea in hand I am going to show you my reading material for the weekend. I finally succumbed to buying one of these fabulous Japanese books that I have seen all around blogland. I bought it from Pompadour24 and I can't say how quick her service was. Here in Noumea I usually have to wait weeks before things arrive but not with this book........5 days was all it took. I am impressed the postal services stars must have all been aligned!
Anyway I am going to look through the book and see what I will make first. I may even get the pattern cut out and the fabric on the table.

Happy weekend crafting to all whatever it may be!


Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Happy crafting. Sometimes early mornings with children are a blessing in disguise. More time to do the things we want (sometimes!)

Sandrine said...

This book looks beautiful...I have a couple from the same shop, and always amazed how even thought I can not read japanese it is easy to understand!Looking forward to see what you make!Bon weekend :)