Thursday, 22 July 2010

More blue skies............

More blue skies, more Miss Sydney but what can I do this it what life is centered around at the moment, that and 9th birthday celebration. Oh yeah and also my mum. She is here visiting for the birthdays...........twins and mine. No time for sitting and looking at lovely blogs or writing my very infrequent posts. Not siree it's all about the baking, cooking, feeding, entertaining( not that my mum needs too much of that she is very good that way) organising party bags and games. Miss Sydney will head off to her next destination soon and with her a couple of new outfits so there also has been a bit of sewing squished inbetween everything else. It is amazing what you can do when the pressure is on.
Now I am going to bed most likely to dream about some failed game at the birthday party and all the kids going home disappointed........oh the pressure of kids parties when will it end!!!!

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Sandrine said...

Oh Happy birthday to you all, I am sure you will do a great job!Enjoy :)X