Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Retro Redstones........

When I went back to Oz a few weeks back I asked my mum to fish out my very old but very retro Redstone roller skates. I got them for Christmas when I was 13 that my dear friends is nearly 20 years ago. I knew I had never got rid of them and I knew my mother would never throw them out. When I opened up the original box I found a bottle of white shoe polish that I used to clean them up with at least once a week. 

The weekend past the kids and I took them down to the local bike path to give them a bit of a try out. The kids were very interested to see if I could still do it.......I was very interested to see if I could still do it! Much to my amazement I didn't have to much trouble. Sure I was a little on the wonky side when I first took off but it all just seem to come back to me until the very end. I tried to stop at the car and promptly landed on my bum in front of two teenage girls.....they laughed, I laughed and I wondered what those girls thought of this old dear roller skateing. Probably not much!!

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cygarniczka said...

oy! i must have it! :D:D:D