Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The craftiness of Grandma's........

Well my mum has been here for just on a week and the kids have already got her making little outfits for their Petite Blythes. She swears every time she leaves that she will not make them again but she just can't help herself when the kids give her loving cuddles and puppy dog looks. This one was inspired from the morning glory found in the garden by Django.
This is from Burlesque.......... I have no idea what everybody were saying about it this movie but it was ok. I really did love all the costumes.
And this one is from the big hibiscus we found on her arrival. The kids do really make the most of her crafty talents when she is here. I have memories of my nana making dolls clothing and other things for me so I love that they will remember the same.

Did you have a special Grandma or Nana??

P.S all photos taken by my son Django......he is becoming quite the photographer.

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Jo - Dusty Plum said...

MwahahahahahaHAHA! The Burlesque outfit is brilliant!!