Thursday, 29 September 2011


 This weeks book that I am going to go on about is '1974' by David Peace. It is a gritty novel set in Yorkshire the year is 1974. A young naive journalist comes back home from an unsuccessful stint in Fleet street and is quickly sent into a whirlpool of  child murders, corruption, violence, conspiracy, blackmail, sexual obsession. 
Even though it is a fictional book it is based on real events of that time in Yorkshire and it's surrounding areas. The Yorshire ripper is one of them. It is tightly paced with fast witty dialogue, it doesn't  take to long to read. 
I loved it but if you don't like raw books with too much swearing, violence and gritty sex I wouldn't pick it up to read.
On from this novel David Peace has written three others 1977, 1980, 1983. The series is apparently intertwined and goes by the name of Red riding quartet. I have not read any of them but intend to find 1977 to see what other violence , crime and panic he can conjure up.

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