Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Treasure Tuesday on Wednesday............

Sorry for no post yesterday. The day seemed to get away from me and then all of a sudden it was 10.30 and there was no way I was sitting down and writing a post about new finds. I had thought about what I was going to write all day but alas at that hour bed was calling and it won over. Anyway the new finds for this week are kids blogs. I think we are discovering them because my children are now spending a bit more time on the computer looking at what interests them(no different to me).I am going to list a few that we all like to read and included are my childrens blogs.

Django's Cute club!
Juliette's Toko's Adventures.

The others-

I know alot of these centre around the Blythe doll but I think it has the kids thinking about a whole heap of other stuff. It gives them a place to practise their photography skills, create craft and show it off, write and learn about the computer & the world of the internet. In our household writing these blogs is also helping the kids to write and read in English. It is a kind of learning even if they don't realise it.

You can have a look at these links or if your kids are interested in blogging it is a world of inspiration for them. good luck and I hope you have a few hours spare because you will need it!!

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