Monday, 19 September 2011

Made it Monday............

Last Friday we had a visit from a friend and her mum. My friend is American and her folks were out here visiting. This friends mum is always sending her new things that a all the rage back home. This time she bought me a little gift. Something so completely new to me, I haven't even seen it around the internet and often you come across new stuff when you are seeking out other stuff. Anyway this new thing is called Zentangle. It is all about the creative doodle apparently! I got a book to show me where to start, some of the little cards to draw on and a pencil and fine outlining pen. So here you go my little bit of creativity this weekend was drawing and I liked it. The book & bits were left on the coffee table so I picked it up and did a little everytime I had a free minute. The kids even had a go.  I think it will be good for all of us to do as it is a bit of free thinking art, no rules that need to be followed you just go with the flow.

Has anybody got anything to show on made it Monday!!

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