Friday, 7 October 2011

Fun Fridays...........

It seems that I have been a bit absent from here this past week. Inbetween one sick child and one sick pig there hasn't been much time for frivolous posting but today you are in luck. I have a picture and something to post about. Friday is crafter morning with my friend Gemma. We had missed last week but all was in alignment this week. She actually didn't get to do much as she was dealing with a washing machine repair man but I got to nearly finish a little project I started sometime back. A little amigurami lion.

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Blythe Ghost said...

Thanks for your comments about my dress Angelique, it was a fun challenge.

Your little amigurami lion looks like it will be a cutie when it's finished. I made a couple of amigurami teddies for my daughter's friend's new bubs, but crocheting really isn't something I usually do (not really good at it).