Friday, 28 October 2011

Fun Fridays.............

Our week of school vacances is drawing to a close and boy has it been a busy week. Usually we chill out and not do too much as the kids get up for school so early here it is a good time to go slow and re-charge the batteries but not this holidays!!! Juliette did a dance stage(holiday program) in the am, the 2 of them had a gazillion swim lessons( these haven't finished yet), we went for morning tea, saw a movie and even went to see an amatuer production of 'The Mikado' last night. So to finish off what was a rather hectic week we had a nice muck around at the pool after lessons this afternoon even I got in and had a cool off. I must admit it was nice, it would have been even better if I was floating around on a lilo and sipping a cocktail!!

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