Monday, 17 October 2011

Made it Monday................

Nothing made this weekend but a good time!!! My husband and a friends husband have both been away for a couple of weeks now and we treated our families to a weekend away at some local bungalows. This place is actually a golfers resort but they have a pool and a restaurant and you can sit on your little terrace for a pre dinner drink while the kids play on the lawn. What more could you ask for!! 

We returned home last night the kids were dog tired from swimming so much and me well I came home with an insect bite that has gotten all infected. A visit to the doctor today, a course of antibiotics and a little rest and all will be fine. You have to careful in this heat and bites I only got this sucker on Saturday night and by Sunday evening my big toe was throbbing like you wouldn't believe.

Anyway come back next Monday and you may see some handcrafted stuff!!

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Posie Patchwork said...

Oh bring on Summer & those endless days of swimming & wearing the children out!!
All the best with your toe, ouch, i'm the person-most-likely to get stung or biten or trip or attacked. Love Posie