Monday, 19 December 2011


We are one week into our 2 month long holidays(gasp)!! Last week was way too busy for my liking running around here there and everywhere for the kids, for Xmas get togethers and the like. This week has started off much more slowly(phew!!) and a picnic was had at the beach. It was a bit too windy for swimming but there was still a lot of rolling/running around to be done. We are very lucky to live not 5 minutes walk to the beach and my husband literally works across the road. I hope we get a few more of these in in the next couple of weeks before we head back to Melbourne for a month. I doubt I will be seeing the water too much while there!!

P.S I haven't forgotten about my giveaway just haven't had time to organise it but I promise I will:)

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