Saturday, 24 December 2011

The gingerbread house.........

 Well we did it!! We had a few free moments this week and went through the whole process of making our very first gingerbread house. Don't look to closely as you will see the big gaping holes where it doesn't quite fit together properly but isn't that why we make so much royal icing to be able to fill any holes that need it. I must admit as tricky as it was we had a fun time making it. Juliette did all the piping, I did the construction and Django did the decorating and eating of leftover treats!
We even found ourselves a little snowman for our front yard. We are going to start eating it tonight but I think it will be sad seeing all that work and beauty come crumbling down. Oh well what the good of making something so tasty if you can't eat it!!

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