Friday, 9 December 2011

Fab Friday............

Gingerbread houses are oh so cute and they are popping up everywhere I look at the moment, obviously so as it is nearly Christmas!! I have never ever attempted to make one but seeing all these sweet creations is getting me almost excited enough to try. Just look at the pictures above and all those decorations and varieties of houses you can do. I may have to start off with something a little simpler then those found on flickr but it certainly has given me some ideas. 

A request for help is needed for this to take place though. Some of you may have some tried & true recipes & instructions or tips & tricks that work. Please let me know otherwise I will seek the help of the almighty internet!! Wish me luck:)

P.S This is post 600 but not the giveaway one I will come back in the next few days with the info and instructions.

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Blythe Ghost said...

They all look very scrumptious Angelique. Sorry can't help with a recipe, I used to buy mine already made and I haven't had one since the kids grew up. But I am sure someone is bound to have a recipe to share. GOOD LUCK!