Thursday, 2 August 2007

Looky here part un........

Looky here. I have got my first link from another crafters blog site.
Thank you so much Jennie. I am so very very excited and pleased that somebody else is reading about my everyday stuff and leaving comments other than my husband or my kids(that I know can't write) or people that I have actually told about it.
I will reciprocate the link when I work out how to do it. I do believe my computer skills are getting better everytime I enter a post though. Yesterday I didn't know how to do that highlighted word that links to another blogsite thingy. I do now. I think it means I am spending to much time sitting at the computer and not enough time at my wifely duties!


Meet Me at Mikes said...

Hello New Blogging Competition Winning Marvel! Your profile is UP on the Mikes blog! I hope you like the way it turned out! We are packing up your prize today for your lovely friend to pick up! Congrats again and keep blogging about your lovely life and sweet family! xx pip

posiepatchwork said...

Hello again, we mummies with 2001 born twins need to stick together!! Mine tutt & tell me how to dress, wear my hair, what shoes work - don't get me started on their choice of music, anyone for Avril?? They also think, as Australian Christmas twin girls, they will grow up to be the Veronicas!! Good thing their big bossy sister & little annoying brother keep them in line. I'll be visiting lots & you've inspired me to share more of Darwin with the world, it's such a beautiful place to live, crocodiles & man eating mosquitoes aside. Well done on winning Mike's competition. Xanadu, ah yes, let's get physical. Love Posie