Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I'm back.......

I'm back! Finally. Well I have been back in Noumea for nearly a week now but have not had a chance to greet you all. I have been a bit tied up with getting life back to some kind of normality. After nearly three weeks of late nights and full days the kids and I all had a bit different routine to what we normally used to here. We had a fabulous time though back in Melbourne. Lots of catching up with family and friends, lots of eating of favourite foods we can't always find here, a bit of shopping in major fabric stores(which I have missed terribly) and lots of purchases. Oh I had lots of fun looking in aisle after aisle of stuff. Buttons, ribbons, nic-nacs,materials. You name it they have it.

I am going to ease back into this blogging thing slowly as I have found that after being away for so long I have lost some motivation to do it and I have lots to show and tell and don't know where to start. So I begin with showing some of the stash of stuff that journeyed back with us.