Saturday, 21 June 2008

White week..........

Yesterday I was doing a catch up on some of the blogs that I read. I had missed so much while I was away, so much had happened out there and while I was on cats & quilts I got interested in this. Weeks of colour. Sounds nice and I like the idea of theme to do on your blog. It gives you something to think about in the quiet times.

On Sabine's blog she has started with white and that is where I will start. Reasons a bit further down the post. I'm not sure if we all follow her or we choose a colour to work with. I will find this out but she has suggested if anybody is going to run with the idea to let her know. I wouldn't mind knowing too and then I can make a new side bar blog roll.

My white photo's come from a friends house where I just happened to have afternoon tea yesterday. How weird it is the way things work. Read a blog, start thinking about an idea, go visiting and voila the opportunity to photo white is there. I should explain why. My friend Mrs A has decorated her house solely in white with splashes of colour through out. It looks fab and
eternally summery and fresh. I always come out of her house feeling good. Maybe it's the colour maybe it is just her company!

She even had a lovely coffee table book all about white rooms.

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Sabine said...

Looks like a nice house, love the painting!
I just did a post on yellow; that was a tough one for me, although I have nothing against yellow.